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Apatura helps innovative companies to integrate information security into their products, systems and organizations.

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Our focus domains and industries

  • Software Engineering
  • Cloud-Native Solutions
  • Internet of Things
  • Blockchain
  • Banking, Finance and FinTech
  • Automotive
  • High Risk Organizations


Security Architecture

From designing software and cloud architecture to organizing your internal processes, we help companies integrate security into their products and organizations.

Application Security

We help you develop secure applications from the ground up, or to improve existing ones. We help you build your secure software development life cycle, and make sure that the appropriate security controls are in place from the start.


Integrate information security into your DevOps processes, or develop a complete DevSecOps practice in your organization. We help you to develop and deploy securely by default.

Security Analysis

We review systems and products from the design, blueprint and prototype stages to uncover vulnerabilities and issues before they get to the production phase.

Penetration Testing

We evaluate the level of security of your applications, systems or organization by simulating a realistic attack to uncover problems before your adversaries do.

Red Teaming

We can simulate a well equipped and resourceful team of adversaries and challenge, test and train your internal teams and incident response procedures.

Research and Development

Research and development of custom and innovative offensive or defensive solutions in software and hardware.

Operations Security

Train your staff and organize your internal processes to reduce and manage the risk of industrial espionage and data leakage.

Training and Education

Develop your internal teams. As active educators, we can train your staff in the areas of our expertise.

Custom Solutions

Let's work together to build a unique, custom-tailored solution for your organization.

Technologies we use

In order to build secure applications and systems, you need the right tools. We have some preferences of our own, but we can adjust to the needs of your company.

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